PARKING is available at Woodstock North High School and Merryman Fields on Raffel Road. However, parking lots at these locations fill first and early and do not reopen until after the Race has completely finished. 

Remote Parking is also available at the McHenry County Government Center, located at the corner of Route 47 and Ware Road in Woodstock.

SHUTTLE BUSES will run from the McHenry County Government Center to Woostock North High School at 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8:00 AM. The Last Bus will depart the Government Center at 8:00 AM! (To facilitate our 8:30 AM start.)  Please note: participants with strollers are welcome but require additional loading time, so please arrive early. Shuttles will also return you to the Government Center after the race.

TRY TO CARPOOL with your teammates, family and/or other participants as much as possible. It’s better for the environment and helps us significantly ease traffic and congestion around the event.